Executive Team

Ken Huesby
KEN HUESBY, CEO & President
Ken Huesby founded Hillhouse Construction Company in 1987 with the mission to build high-quality work environments that help people thrive and companies prosper. With more than 20 years of construction experience and a passion for customer care, Ken created a company focused on delivering results to clients who desire the highest possible level of service. 
KEVIN HUESBY, Executive Vice President
Kevin Huesby oversees Hillhouse’s construction operations and manages specific projects for key clients, drawing on more than two decades ofexperience in the commercial construction industry. He has overseen a broad range of projects, from state-of-the-art clean rooms to high-tech industrial machining facilities to cutting-edge corporate offices.
BART LOCSIN, Vice President Construction
Bart has over thirty three years of experience in the construction industry, including new building construction, major renovations, high-tech and high profile corporate offices. Bart’s range of experience and his relentless strive for customer satisfaction has made him a role model and mentor for the next generation of construction professionals.
Sallie is an integral part of every project and client relationship because having a timely and accurate accounting function is critical to project success. Her experience and detailed work style are central to Hillhouse’s ability to maintain “preferred contractor” status with both subcontractors and suppliers.
JAMES CRADY, Senior Superintendent, Mentorship Program Leader
James Crady is a 20-year veteran of the construction industry, and a recognized specialist in the area of structural steel construction. He successfully completed several of the very earliest structural steel buildings and is widely sought-after by clients with complex requirements for steel-based projects.
BILL JOHNSTON, General Superintendent
Bill Johnston has been used extensively as an interior improvement superintendent with an emphasis on long-term, repeat projects typically with multiple phases and extensive coordination in occupied facilities. Bill’s attention to detail and his hands-on knowledge of key building trades allows him to artfully work within existing facilities and accommodate demanding construction schedules.