“The Hillhouse team not only performed their role as the builder admirably but also acted as a true advocate for our client.  In the end, this proved to be critical to the project’s success.  The team’s commitment to collaboration, flexibility, forward-thinking, and execution of work were true value-adds on this exciting project.”

Steve Graziano ,
Director – Project Management, CBRE


stratford school

“At Stratford School, we have high expectations for not only our students and staff but for the business partners with whom we entrust to build our new schools. We are thrilled to have partnered with Hillhouse on the development of yet another Stratford School at 645 14th Avenue in San Francisco! With their unmatched expertise and commitment to service on behalf of their clients, they embrace Stratford School’s spirit, Summa Spes, Summa Res (Highest Hopes, Highest Things) in bringing our high-quality private school to more communities throughout the Bay Area.”

Sherry Adams,
Stratford School


satellite healthcare

“Hillhouse Construction partnered well with Satellite Healthcare on this project. Their attention to detail, organization, and collaboration ensured the project was delivered on time and fulfilled Satellite’s requirements. The team effort will allow Satellite to continue to achieve our mission of “making life better for those living with kidney disease” as we continue to provide high quality care to our patients within this new dialysis center.”

Will Pollard,
Satellite Healthcare


studio G architects

“Developing a large TI with an aggressive schedule challenges the entire team. Hillhouse Construction showed up with a carefully thought-out, highly compressed schedule, and stuck with it, to deliver over 75,000sf of office and labs on time, in just over three months. In any accelerated project there will be changes, and this was no exception. The Hillhouse team and their subcontractors were positive, well-informed, and creative in working out solutions on the fly, without compromising the schedule or quality of construction.”

Tim Barnes,
Studio G Architects



“Your team’s ability to deliver a complete product within the compressed timeframe was astounding and to do so within the budget guidelines we originally discussed was impressive as well. The few change orders were due to our spec changes and were also managed in a timely fashion.”

Greg Taylor,
Sony Ericsson



“The Hillhouse Construction team worked to overcome many obstacles to meet a very aggressive schedule. Simultaneously working on six different floors, installing over 2500 LF of new office and laboratories and meeting an eight-and-one-half week schedule was a truly amazing feat. Our employees are very pleased with their new space and all problems were solved quickly and efficiently.”

Terry Bredek,
Director and General Manager of Facility Services, Sony Electronics


Integral Group

“We are striving for something quite different than a Standard Class A office building. Having worked with Hillhouse on other client projects before, I thought it the best general contracting partner to pioneer a new building model for the Santa Clara Valley with us.”

David Kaneda,
Principal, Integral Group



“We needed to select a design and construction team that could really understand the widely varying needs of the three businesses, had the technical experience to build a modern surgical and emergency care facility, and also the creativity to understand the concept of a pet resort and spa. There are so many details to emergency and specialty facilities that greatly affect the functionality of the space, efficiency of the staff, and their ability to provide high quality medical care, but Hillhouse Construction was attentive to every last detail, while providing excellent communication and customer service. They truly believe in producing the highest quality product to suit our needs. We are thrilled with our new facility and thank Hillhouse for their tireless leadership and coordination throughout the project and the overall performance of the project team.”

Denise Shirey,
Hospital Administrator, United Emergency Animal Clinic



“The project was unique in scope and expectations. The concept was to create a modern, pet medical emergency and primary care facility with a connection to a boarding and grooming facility. The design had to accommodate three distinct sets of client needs and requirements, with connection and interaction between them. The clients wanted their own identities and spaces to reflect their core business values. We applied strategies such as using individual color palettes, while ensuring that they blended seamlessly with adjoining spaces. The result is a project that the owner, design team, and construction team can be very proud of.”

Gary Aquilina,
Project Architect, CAS Architects



“It became clear to me that Hillhouse was scaled appropriately for our scope and would apply the attention required to deliver the committed product. Hillhouse’s project management was excellent and the supervision was professional, trustworthy and confidence inspiring…you can’t say enough or put a price on that!”

Mike Aymami,
Project Manager, Lumenis



“I highly recommend Hillhouse Construction Company…I am most satisfied with the leadership, work quality and costs controls on this project. We were able to go from initial design to completion within 6.5 months.”

Curtis Johnson,
VP Operation and General Manager, Spectra Laboratories.



“The objective was to design a facility that delivers both work flow efficiency and fosters a positive work environment for an operation that works 24/7. The added challenge was to complete the project on a fast-track timeline. The team worked well together, making timely design and cost decisions so as not to slow the demanding construction schedule.”

Nima Gujar,
Principal, Reel Grobman & Associates



“Hillhouse was given a seemingly insurmountable task, construct a retail pad building in 12 weeks to meet a crucial opening deadline for a national restaurant chain. Ellis Partners, Inc. has depended on Hillhouse in the past to meet demanding schedules and once again they delivered on this project.”

Jim Ellis,
Principal, Ellis Partners



“It was a pleasure working with Hillhouse Construction. We are all impressed with Hillhouse’s ability to pay close attention to the details of the project, maintain quality with a minimal punch list and proactively help to resolve design issues. All this while completing a full build out of 70,000 SF in six short weeks. Great Job.”

Kris Chase,
Project Manager, Lockheed Martin



“EmeryTech was a very important project for Ellis Partners. At the time, it was the largest and most complex construction project we had undertaken. To be a success, we needed to achieve the schedule, create an asset with award-winning design, and meet our budget. With the commitment and expertise of Hillhouse Construction and design parnter, Kava Massih Architects, the project was a success, and it helped cement our company’s credibility as a value-adding investor in real estate.”

Stuart Rickard,
Development Manager, Ellis Partners



“I was particularly impressed with the quality of field supervision and the ability to adapt to the varying changes dictated by infield conditions. I think that was a particular strength in this project and insured that the client got a high quality product, on time and within the first budget schedule and not even outside of adjustment, very well done.”

Phil Warnes,
Principle, Sigma Tech Facility Development


tmg partners logo

“This development project required a partner steeped enough in sustainable construction, flexible enough with changes in scope, and savvy enough to incorporate all manner of material into the site. Hillhouse Construction was just the partner we needed to show how a project like this can really succeed.”

Denise Pinkston,
TMG Partners


kbm workspace logo

“It was imperative that our new offices and showroom meet the highest level of design and quality. We partnered with two of the industry leaders for high-quality design and construction; Reel Grobman Associates Architects and Hillhouse Construction Company. The project exceeded our expectations and Hillhouse Construction was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Their personalized approach – communication and planning – and attention to quality in every detail made this a resounding success.”

Stan Vuckovich,
President, KBM Workspace


symantec logo

“This project had a very high visibility for me as well as the entire Symantec team. Hillhouse stepped in immediately with leadership and collaboration and to support me in achieving the project goals while giving me the assurance that we would meet all of our deadlines. I really appreciated their calm and graceful manner in which they delivered the project and the result was a work environment that allowed myself and my team to be successful.”

Terry Hillyard,
Sr. Project Manager, Symantec Corporation


jll logo

“Hillhouse was a great partner and the right choice for this project. They protected key design elements by prioritizing value engineering solutions and project delivery options. They diligently maintained a clean, safe and healthy work environment and went to great lengths to make sure there were no unplanned disruption to on-going client operations. I appreciate their ability to work with the entire project team and close out the project quickly and accurately.”

Paul Boyer,
Sr. Project Manager, JLL


alr logo

“You were a great influence in that educational process and for that we are all very grateful. What you helped us envision, that which we could create, helped expand our business model and has certainly been the outcome. We have multiple product trainings a week and many business/social events that the facility is perfectly designed to compliment. As for the work spaces, they are also well appreciated and working out excellently.”

Steve Holdaway,
Principle, ALR Associates


Stanford Logo 2

“The ultimate challenge that we posed to Hillhouse Construction was – ‘Can you remodel our kitchen in 6 weeks?’ They said ‘of course!’ Hillhouse worked closely our team to preplan each step and coordinate the critical details. They started on Thanksgiving with a New Years completion as requested by us. Hillhouse kept our team apprised of every unanticipated condition and offered a range of options to resolve the conflicts that we had not expected. We finished on time, we were within our budget and we were able to expand our business results significantly over the next 3 years.”

Curt Moore,
Director, Schwab Residential Center


jcnc logo

“I would like to thank you for the professional services you provided to complete the Samovasaran and Chitrapat project for our Jain Bhawan in Milpitas. Hillhouse finished the project as planned with no delays and no additional cost. You carefully managed to avoid any “change orders” during the entire project, even though the project took off like a speeding bullet right from the get-go. The timing of the project was very important to us as we were planning our 10th anniversary project around that time. The Hillhouse team was courteous and worked very professionally with our members. I would like to commend them for their attention to details and follow-ups during the entire project.”

Bharat Kamdar,
Chairman of the Board, JCNC