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The Walls of eBay

Does this mural at eBay instantly remind you of “Where’s Waldo?”  I know my eye immediately tried to identify some of the randomly, yet cleverly mixed in objects.  Of course it […]

New Year, New Office?

Happy New Year!!! Thinking of renovating or creating a new office space in 2017? Check out Office Snapshots top 25 most popular offices of 2016 for some inspiration.  Also view […]

Go to your Happy Place; Work

Skipping happily beyond the boundaries of open cubicles and large rubber balls for seating, this confidential Palo Alto client has taken their office space to yet an even higher level […]

Let there be light; ZNE gets its solar on

Currently in its third trimester before occupied, independent life, the Zero Net Energy (ZNE), speculative office building at 415 N Mathilda in Sunnyvale, is now completely fitted with its self-sustaining […]

Garage Doors Are Now An Office “Amenity?”

 Right in line with currently trending “Indoor-Outdoor” healthy work environments, developer (M West) has installed two 19-foot long decorative garage doors onto a speculative office building now under renovation in […]