Do You Own One Of These?

concrete tilt up

An old school, outdated Silicon Valley concrete tilt up building. Is it sitting unoccupied or garnering low rent because its not attractive or functional for today’s market?  At Hillhouse, we see adaptive re-use of these buildings as an effective way of reducing urban sprawl and environmental impact.  Reusing an existing structure consequently also reduces the amount of energy used as well as material waste compared to destroying old sites and completely rebuilding.  Through adaptive reuse, we can inject new life into drab, vacant buildings to transform them into vibrant spaces filled with a renewed energy and purpose.

To learn more about adaptive reuse and watch a building makeover from start to finish – click here.

Read more about our efforts to re-purpose demo materials – click here.

Check out the result of some of our building makeovers below, click each one to see more.

zero net energy building reuse  zero net energy building reuse ZNE commercial building, adaptive reuse  380 Pastoria zero net energy building

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