Trash to Treasure – Repurposed Demo Materials

Pastoria Zero Net Energy      

One of our favorite challenges on a project is finding new life for demo material, or as some like to call trash to treasure.  The solar canopy patio at 380 N. Pastoria is decorated with several beautiful wood benches that are just that.  These benches are made from glue lams salvaged from our previous Zero Net Energy endeavor at the 415 N. Mathilda project.  The wood was re-milled and refinished for an easy clean up before installation at Pastoria. Additionally, the support posts on the benches are the old columns from inside the building that were removed in the demo phase. Like this wood, many of our re-purposed materials go beyond their own job site and carry over to others, which helps us keep sustainability in the design even when its not a ZNE building.

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