New Childcare Center Opens at Stanford University Campus

Early education opportunities are proven to provide a range of benefits to children as well as their families and promote enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Hillhouse Construction is proud to have recently completed construction of the newest addition to the on-site childhood education program at Stanford University, the Escondido Childcare Center.

This 18,700 sf child care and early learning facility allows the expansion of the Children’s Center of the Stanford Community (a parent cooperative) from a facility that was previously able to accommodate children from 144 families to a capacity of more than 200 faculty, staff, student and post-doc families. Spaces in the Center include specialized classrooms for infants through five-year old children that also include food preparation and teacher support areas, administrative offices and meeting rooms. Outdoor play areas have also been built to meet individual developmental and play needs for each age group.

Architect: Dorman Associates

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