Happy America Recycles Day – Nov 15th

America Recycles Day

This year marks the 21st America Recycles Day, which takes place annually on November 15th. Why November 15th you ask? Well, the date was chosen because of it’s relation to being 6 months past Earth Day. In other words, a good time for a reminder about caring for our environment. Keep America Beautiful has reported that the national recycling rate is still only at a shocking 34% and has been stuck at that level for years. How can we all help to increase these statistics? Take the #BeRecycled Pledge, a commitment to diligently recycling one of the below items, and you can make a difference. See the current pledge results, then click to choose the action you will take.

America Recycles Day


At Hillhouse we are committed to recycling in many forms, one of the most impactful is the recycling of our job-site demo materials. Currently, one of our biggest recycling/re-use efforts yet is taking place out at the Doctor’s Medical Center in San Pablo. So far over 275,000 SF of demo materials have been sorted and sent to various recycling facilities. This equates to over 800,000 tons of recycled structural steel, drywall, rebar, copper piping and wiring being diverted from landfills. The recycled concrete will be re-used onsite, crushed and then back-filled in to the basement areas of the facility.

America Recycles Day    America Recycles Day

Past project recycled/re-used materials have taken many forms including reception desks, outdoor benches, curbside signage and more. We continue to challenge ourselves to be committed to recycling in innovative and purposeful ways and will be taking the #BeRecycled Pledge as a reminder that even the little things count.


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