Happy Arbor Day – Let’s Celebrate

Arbor Day is near and dear to us at Hillhouse as sustainability and protecting the environment are at the core of our values. We happily participate in the Arbor Day Foundation tree planting program year round, which works to replant national forests that have been devastated by fires or other damaging effects.

In recent years our efforts went towards our local Tahoe National Forest, in which the American River Fire destroyed 22,500 acres of trees. We enjoy waving to our trees as we drive by on our way to the slopes or the lake depending on the season. We were excited to hear that the replanting in Tahoe recently completed, filling the need for over 600,000 trees. The next area we will help make an impact upon will be the Klamath National Forest, located at the border of Oregon and California.

This Arbor Day, we invite you to join us and plant a tree, or two or a hundred! Every tree counts!

Click Here to plant a tree