When Work Blends With Lifestyle

It becomes more than just an office…

Not feeling like you’re at work when you’re at work…this is the semi-genius, or should we say semi-obvious, concept pushing through in today’s thriving office environments.  When employees have access to amenities and conveniences that promote work-life integration they will naturally be more productive, satisfied and happier individuals.  This type of work experience allows them to now mix in personally important components such as biking to work for exercise and environmental benefit, taking a break outside to refuel with fresh air and sunshine, quickly run an errand to a nearby shop instead waiting til after 5:00 or easily grabbing coffee, lunch or a snack from a variety of quality vendors when short on time instead of having to opt for the closest drive thru.  Such enhancements not only make getting “life” done easier and but also promote employee health and wellness by encouraging more walking and outdoor time…all trickling back to increased productivity when on the clock.

The described environment is more than just San Francisco, it is becoming more and more prevalent in cities like San Jose, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale.   Mixed-use communities are where the appeal is at in the suburban Bay Area.  We can’t argue with that as they are walk-able to all things in our daily routine and lifestyle:  work, entertainment, dining, recreation, residences, and transit.

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