Smart, Pretty & Talented

380 Pastoria, zero net energy building

Pastoria’s outdoor patio is covered by a semi-transparent solar canopy. Rendering: WRNS

We are talking about the future of office space here…in addition to being Zero Net Energy/Zero Carbon Emissions, the renovated building at 380 N. Pastoria will arguably be one of the smartest and most integrated commercial office spaces in the country. This distinction is credited in large part to its Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) infrastructure and building operations management platform. Beyond significantly increasing the sustainability factor, the PoE system offers several valuable benefits to both the owner and tenant.

PoE network cable

We are pleased to be continuing our legacy along with Sharp Development, just around the corner from previous ZNE endeavors at 435 Indio and 415 N. Mathilda in Sunnyvale. Pastoria, however, has certainly moved into a class of its own, featuring many groundbreaking technologies unique to this project. Nearly all of the 42,000 sq. ft. building’s functions; lights, windows, ceiling fans, skylights, security systems and more, will be completely powered through low voltage Ethernet cables and IT switches (aka PoE) vs. standard electrical. The advantage here is twofold. First, in addition to power, PoE transmits data through the same cable, in turn building functions such as temperature, lighting, air quality, etc can be digitally managed and optimized for efficiency in real time. Second, it creates scalability for future tenant and IT demands, the PoE infrastructure allows for easy and continual adaptability to moves and changes.

In addition to building functionality, the innovative technology at Pastoria directly impacts occupant well being, satisfaction and productivity. The LED lighting will be human centric, or Kelvin tunable throughout, allowing the interior to mimic varying levels and hues of natural light. While more pleasing to the eye, Kelvin tunable lighting is also beneficial to the human circadian rhythm. Furthermore, since PoE powered devices can be controlled granularly; several functions can be customized in each workspace to enhance the user experience. For example: each lighting fixture can be tuned to a different level of brightness and color temperature (degrees Kelvin), individual windows opened or tinted, specific fans turned on, etc.

degrees of Kelvin tunable lighting

All lights at Pastoria will be Kelvin tunable – various degrees of Kelvin shown above, mimicking natural light

Though indoor comfort at the office is crucial, being outdoors is likewise essential to human wellness. At Pastoria a 5,000 sq. ft. patio is functional for fresh air flex space and its solar canopy provides not only shade, but additional surface area as a source for 35% of building’s clean green power. These are not your typical solar panels however; they have a unique semi-transparent design in order to allow daylight in, yet still a solid surface to keep rain and debris out, creating an all season outdoor amenity area.

We’ve just scratched the surface of what sets this building apart. Stay tuned and follow us for more in-depth looks at Pastoria’s distinctive features as it completes over the next month including its integrated micro-grid, and the reach for LEED Platinum certification.

Owner: H&S Properties | Architect: WRNS Studio | Developer: Sharp Development