Life On Easy Street…Literally

That’s right, not only is this building literally located at 117 Easy Street, but life is also easy when it comes to being energy efficient when you are a zero net energy/zero carbon emissions building.  Several features of this building are set up to automatically conserve energy including:

  • on-site power generation via rooftop solar panels
  • solar hot water heating
  • insulated building envelope
  • electrochromic self tinting glass windows
  • abundant natural day lighting/sky lights
  • LED lighting with occupancy sensors
  • fully automated BMS system

As if being ZNE wasn’t distinct enough, the building also touts the significance of being the city of Mountain View’s first commercial ZNE property.  The new owner/occupants, AP+I Design, were very excited to be directly involved with the transformation from a dark and dated concrete tilt up to a sustainable, modern, bright and open work space which they are enjoying immensely since moving in recently.  Let’s take a look at some of the stunning and unique features of this building shall we…

Clockwise from top left:

  • Lounge area complete with secluded reading nook for a mid day escape or cozy meeting.  The unique wall is plated with wood from old wine barrels, the finish is naturally occurring color and texture only enhanced with wire brushing and sealing done by Mission Bell.
  • Primo parking and recharging station for electric/hybrid vehicles
  • A living green wall by DIRTT and Ambius provides an indoor connection to nature and promotes improved air quality.
  • An urban reception desk made from re-purposed concrete greets you at the door.
  • Big Ass Fans efficiently circulate air for a perceived cooling effect of up to 10°, reducing or eliminating the need for A/C on warm days.
  • A hip employee kitchen features a glass roll up garage door, delivering loads of sunlight and an open feeling to the easily accessed outdoor patio.

Architect:  AP+I Design