Garage Doors Are Now An Office “Amenity?”

office building garage doors office building garage doorsRight in line with currently trending “Indoor-Outdoor” healthy work environments, developer (M West) has installed two 19-foot long decorative garage doors onto a speculative office building now under renovation in San Jose.  The doors are being called an “amenity” by architect, Modulus.  Clearly the desire for employees to enjoy fresh air, natural light and useful, outdoor patio space is quite real and becoming a serious criterion for attracting long-term tenants.

Easy access to adjacent outdoor spaces in Northern California’s office designs today are critical; green roofs and edible gardens included. Gone are the days developers simply painted and carpeted offices expecting tenants to show up. Employees’ prisons of the past, (grim, gray cubicles), seem to be a dying breed in Silicon Valley. Rather, we’re seeing formerly dull office buildings hit the “refresh” button and offer tenants mobility, fresh air and sunshine, nestled among tree-filled campuses. Happier, healthier employees are directly linked to increased productivity according to numerous studies.  This trend may actually be here to stay!

Written by:  Rebecca Weld