Beat the Heat – Dual Purpose Patio Space

380 Pastoria, ZNE, PoE smart building

It has definitely been a hot summer so far here in the Bay Area!  Even with the sweltering temps, we still crave being out in that seasonal warm sunlight and fresh air. It makes sense as many studies confirm that even small amounts of outdoor time during the work day increases productivity and overall human wellness. At the Pastoria project, outdoor space for tenants was considered an essential element, and they don’t even have to leave the building to find it.  A 5,000 sq. ft. patio was added to give a spacious outdoor amenity space that can lend itself to many functions such as meetings, breaks, social events and the like.   A large canopy with semi-transparent panels provides shaded relief from the hot summer sun, while still allowing filtered light in to illuminate the space. Even better this canopy serves dual purposes, it is comprised of specially designed solar panels that provide 35% of the building’s clean green power.  Just one of many unique, very cool, high tech features of this building.  Read more here.