The Walls of eBay

Does this mural at eBay instantly remind you of “Where’s Waldo?”  I know my eye immediately tried to identify some of the randomly, yet cleverly mixed in objects.  Of course it makes sense then that the artist behind the painting, Nigel Sussman, is heavily influenced by Martin Handford, creater of Where’s Waldo.  Among his other inspiration is MC Escher and the original SimCity computer games, which also makes perfect sense.   Nigel is a local Bay Area resident of Berkeley and, not surprisingly, his eye catching illustrations are on the walls of many other companies big and small.

This mural at eBay took 4 days and nearly 60 hours for Nigel to hand paint on to the wall!  The theme was devised by Tom Edwards, Head of Global Design and Construction at eBay.  As the CEO and several employees from the East Coast were transferring to the San Jose campus, Tom wanted  to encompass some of their comforts and culture from home.  Nigel then creatively composed this illustration, which is a fun play on East Coast meets West Coast, with eBay at the heart of it all.

While Waldo himself may not be hiding in there somewhere, Nigel did have some fun and included other manifestations of Waldo for onlookers to search for.  A burrito and a slice of pizza are hidden among the landmarks.  Can you find them?  Below is a close up so you can get a good look to try.  Happy hunting!

For more eBay project photos and info, check out this previous post.  For more on Nigel visit his website.