Happy Arbor Day

Arbor Day

Happy Arbor Day!  At Hillhouse we like to celebrate the environment and Arbor Day year round.  One way we do so is by contributing to the re-planting of damaged areas in our local Tahoe National Forest through the Arbor Day Foundation.  Four years ago a terrible fire ran through the area, which burned over 20,000 acres of trees.  In order to reach complete restoration a total of 608,000 tree will need to be planted.  The varieties will incude ponderosa pine, Jeffery pine, Douglasfir, sugar pine and incense cedar.  Since we came aboard this program last year, Hillhouse has helped to plant over 100 trees.  We like to keep things tree friendly in other ways as well.  Many of our projects feature reclaimed wood as well as recycled wood from demolitions.  Here are some examples of reuse:  wood benches, wood garden boxes

To contribute to the Tahoe National Forest replanting visit the Arbor Day Foundation website.