Office Spaces Now Maximize Every Inch Beautifully

Avalon Bay Tenant Improvement

As is commonplace in Northern California these days, gorgeous new collaborative office spaces are springing up from formerly drab quarters daily all over Silicon Valley and San Francisco. The Architects who design them as well as the General Contractors who take them off the page, breathe life into them and make them realities, are to be noted for their originality, ingenuity, brilliant design of often small spaces, and the touch of genius these teams now bring to the table given the high demand for space here.

This stunner, Avalon Bay office, at Santana Row, was just Avalon Bay Tenant Improvementcompleted and is now occupied. Nearly 10,000 sf of economically used space was brilliantly designed by IA and took less than six months to build out. The office features a complex, glass Nanawall™ on the conference room, which involved five trades working together to install, and serves as a movable wall in order to accommodate larger events, parties and speaker gatherings; Another way to utilize a small space to its’ fullest.

General Contractor: Hillhouse Construction Co.  |   Architect: IA

Written by:  Rebecca Weld

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Avalon Bay Tenant Improvement Nanawall Conference Room